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Orlando Collision Center & Fabrication Shop


Orlando Collision Center

When you require the expertise of an auto collision repair shop in Orlando, FL, choose Just Fix It. We understand that being in a collision is a big inconvenience; Just Fix It makes the process as easy and painless as possible. We deal with your insurance company and fight for you! You are our customer not the insurance company.


Just Fix It is Orlando’s state of the art collision repair shop. We specialize in all phases of auto body repair. From small dents and scratches to major collision repairs, our experienced staff knows how to repair and return your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. That’s our 100% guarantee!


Florida Custom Food Trucks

There are many benefits associated with custom building your own food truck. Besides the obvious- selecting exactly what pieces of equipment you want fabricated, custom designing a food truck also enables the opportunity to choose exactly where it will all go. Having the ability to do this eliminates one of the biggest challenges of a food truck: limited space. This is ideal for maximizing the space available in your food truck. Furthermore, you can design the interior layout of your food truck however you want, specifically to your needs.

Another advantage to building a custom food truck is that it ensures you will pass your local health department codes. Because health codes vary state by state, if you buy a food truck already built-out there is no guarantee it will be health code compliant to your desired vending location.

We are a custom fabrication company that can build-out the interior of a food truck however you desire. Any unused space can easily be converted into stainless steel cabinetry or work top tables, perfect for additional storage and work space.


Orlando Food Trucks

At Just Fix It, we understand the investment and commitment that is involved when purchasing a food truck. That is why we confidently stand by our work and are committed to being your one-stop food truck build out company. With over 20 years of hand on experience in fabrication and design, our food truck fabricators’ workmanship is second to none and our food trucks are built to the utmost quality.

Our custom food trucks are fabricated to fit any restaurant equipment that is needed to bring your product to the streets. For this reason, we keep a wide assortment of commercial cooking equipment available for quick project completion times. All equipment installed is brand new, high-quality kitchen equipment. Each piece of commercial equipment installed is accompanied with a factory warranty and corresponding manuals.


Additionally provided are all model numbers and serial numbers of the equipment fabricated into your vehicle.


Orlando Fabrication Shop

Sometimes what makes your automotive, therefore special, is that it had been put together and designed by you. And with the assistance of the great techs at our center, your vehicle can receive custom fabrication work.


Orlando RV Fiberglass Repair

Here at Just Fix It Right RV fiberglass repair center in Orlando, we all know you are taking pride in ensuring your vehicle is usually in prime form, and we wish to assist you in keeping it that way. We've got a range of services that covers something from little scar to giant scars on RVs.

Our state of the art facility handles top to bottom RV vehicle repairs. If there's any harm to the outside of your RV vehicle, we have a tendency to return it to pre-accident condition and get you back on the road.


Orlando Semi-Collision Repair

There are only three things you look forward to when your vehicle needs repairing. The first one is fine quality, second is good services and finally a place that provides guarantee and reassurance.


Our team here at Semi Collision Repair provides a range of different services to make your vehicle as great as before.

Need an Orlando Collision Center? Give Us a Call Now!

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